Google—OnHub Router Shell

Google commissioned Early Work, formerly BROOK&LYN, to design a custom shell for their OnHub TP-Link wireless router. The brief was simple: "Design a router shell you might actually want to have on display." 

Our scaled up, wooden interpretation of a classic toy encourages a sense of play and discovery while housing the OnHub router in your living room or on your desktop. The once rigid wood cylinder is laser-cut and transformed into a flexible, spring-like form that begs for user interaction. 

MATERIALS Unfinished, maple plywood
DIMENSIONS 6" W x 16" L x 14" H
FAB Made in Los Angeles
STATUS No longer in production


Smoked glass panels, suspended from a single steel tube, evoke Everlane's core values of radical transparency while creating a subtle division between their open office floor plan and the showroom’s perimeter.
By strategically removing sections of the glass, we exposed long runs of the tube which transition into hanging racks. Notches atop the tube keep the clothing as evenly spaced as the glass, ensuring that the view into the showroom is never obstructed.  At opposite corners of the showroom, 90 degree bends in the tubes support custom curved shelves that feature flat lay accessories such as sweaters, bags and shoes.

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